Tips for Caregiving at Home.

Caregiving doesn’t have to burn you out and leave your broken. Image courtesy of: brutusfly

When the time for caregiving comes, you’ll face choices. One of those is whether to care for them at home or somewhere else. Although home may be financially more affordable, there are many issues needing your consideration.

A recent article by Lucy Jones in The Inscriber Magazine, entitled “Useful Tips for Caregiving At Home”  addresses some of the basics for your consideration. Among her suggestions are

1) Some Basic Modifications of Your Home

2)Make Safety the First Priority

3)Use Home-Based Services to the Maximum

She addressing the danger of falls and many of the simple places to start.

She concludes:

“Taking care of geriatric patients is not something that you should be afraid of. With a little planning and assessment of the issues that may be faced, you can provide the elder living with you the comfort, safety, and security of a home.”

You can find more issues worth considering at the, covering issues such as nutrition, whether home or placement is actually the most cost effective, handling assets and handling eldercare legal issues. There is more to caregiving than just accommodating the elderly in your home.

I know from personal experience that those home adjustments are good, but they are only the beginning of caregiving issues. You’ll face questions about transportation, handling medications, reducing household dangers, handling bathroom mistakes and many more issues.

When those issues happen, do you know where to go? Most people don’t and find themselves struggling worse than they have to. They find themselves burned out, stressed out and financially broke in their caregiving. It doesn’t ahve to be that way.