Knowing when you’re doing Too Much Caregiving

The recent cold snap has everyone covered with chilly temperatures with the exception of Florida. Such freezing conditions are often accompanied by warnings on the television news about the dangers of the elderly and cold weather.

Can you do too much caregiving? If so, how can you know you’re doing too much? Image courtesy of: Broady – Salford art and photography

With the change in the bodies of the elderly, they are more vulnerable to extreme weather. Although in their mind they may think they can handle things like they did in their younger days, the reality is that their ability to maintain bodily warmth along with their metabolism has changed. Its as if their mind has to catch up to their body and realize that ‘something has changed’.


Facing the Fears of Home

Over the weekend, I was reminded of the “I want to go back!” phenomena. One of my family members made this remark about wanting to return to the rehab center. On hearing the remark, it reminded me that in eldercare the elderly often want to ‘go back’ to hospitals or where they have received care.

Many elderly express a desire to return to care homes, even though they may have complained about them when they were there. Image courtesy of: ~ geisha ~


“What your lawyer never told you when you made out your will”

Years ago, there was a publication known as “Boardroom”. One of the articles that gained a great deal of attention was the one with the headline “What your lawyer never told you when you made out your will”.  Apparently, the legal profession, like many others have secret shortcuts and insider information that the public doesn’t know.

What you were never tole when you made out your will can save you money that would have gone to a lawyer. Image courtesy of: lillouie


“She got after it”

Inspiration is a quality you need for caregiving. Like fuel in the gas tank, you need inspiration and you need it often. Inspiration often gives encouragement and pushes you to do more at the same time. It has a way of touching your heart.

Inspiration is a quality we all need. Image courtesy of: sheltercrow

With you needing so much inspiration in order to provide care, the question arises as to where you find your inspiration. Inspiration may be found at church, people you admire, neighbors, family members, pets or even among those you are caring for.


How can I get more time with…..?

As a caregiver, you have many questions. Some are about specific items like “What are some better ways of moving someone to a wheelchair? and some are more general. Today, I’m going to address a few of the more general questions.

There are ways of getting more time with them. Find out in today’s post. Image courtesy of: chameleon168

One of the general questions is “How can I get more time with ….?” This question is asked regarding getting more time with the doctor, with your loved one or other people that are important to you. On one level, the question is asking for MORE TIME.


Blindspots of Neglect

Today is a new day with new opportunities for caregiving. Instead of welcoming it, some of you  will instead continue doing caregiving the way you always have, even when the blindspots of neglect are pointed out.

Are Blindspots of Neglect keeping your care from being its best? Image courtesy of: photos by nadya

I remember when the blindspot of neglect was pointed out to me. I didn’t like it. It left me feeling inadequate and incompetent. If you are like me, you’d rather do your caregiving than deal with the blindspot of neglect.


“When Cold feet weren’t from the cold front”

Over the weekend I was reminded of the importance of family caregivers. On Saturday, I visited my mother, who is currently recovering in rehabilitation where she’s learning to walk again. The facility, like many rehabs and other healthcare centers is filled with people in various stages of recovery.

Those ‘cold feet’ or other cold extremities may be telling you about other, more serious problems. Image courtesy of: lindseyy.

You have nurses going about their daily duties, and other staff in their scrubs taking care of the patients. My mom had been complaining about her feet being cold. She said she had told the nursing staff, and was given warm blanket the night before.


Are you the fall guy for your family?

Are you the ‘fall guy’ for your family? In terms of movies, the fall guy is the one who is either blamed or blame is attributed to him for some malady. In the movies, the fall guy is often viewed as someone who keeps people from seeing the real source of the problem.

Are you the “Fall Guy” for your family? Image courtesy of: Morgana Nagorski

The definition is totally different if you’re considering Jerry Lewis or the Three Stooges. When it comes to humor, the fall guy is often taken literally. The fall guy in those cases, is the one who falls, rather than the one taking responsibility for falling.


“STD’s on the rise among the Elderly”

Life among the elderly has its surprises. One of them is that they are experiencing a rise in STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections) or STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases). The main difference between the two terms is that STI’s is the British term and STD’s are the American version.

The elderly are being more sexually active than you may have imagined, leading to increases in sexually transmitted diseases. Image courtesy of: kevinreese573

Whatever you call ’em, the surprise is that they are on the rise. A recent post by Katie Forster in the Independent addresses the increasing problem. A report by Dr. David Lee, expressed concern at the increasing numbers with STD’s.


Is Your Food Working Against Your Medications?

When you turn on your television, its only a matter of time before you are bombarded with drug company commercials. In each commercial, they show people having fun, living life, getting a second chance and generally in good spirits.

When I view them with my caregiver eyes, things look very different. I often wonder “how would this work with the elderly?” I also wonder if the elderly with their common hearing loss issues can hear all the disclaimers and warnings given in the commercials.

This breakfast may be working against the effects of your medications.


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