Drudgery and Inspiration

With it being the Christmas season, it’s a good time to draw inspiration from the Christmas story. When it comes to caregiving, I find the account of the wise men most inspiring.

balancing the holidays and caregiving can be done. Find out more in todays’s post Image courtesy of: Steve Purnell Photography

 Imagine being a shepherd keeping sheep and witnessing a supernatural event. When you and your companions share such an experience, it leaves an impression. Witnessing such a dramatic event would impact most people. I suspect they were awed by what they encountered.

The wise men inspire me since they were driven by a desire to understand something they witnessed in the sky. Other people looked at the sky, yet they were motivated to action. They saw something and were willing to travel further in their investigation. Unlike the intense burst of excitement the shepherds experienced, the wise men must have had patience in looking for answers to a phenomena in the skies.

While others saw a star, and had questions, they chose to investigate it. Night after night, I suspect they looked and talked about what they were seeing. Being motivated to travel night after night chasing down a star takes something special. It was no intense, brief spectacular moment for them. It was night after night traveling toward an unknown destination.

When I consider what it takes to overcome the daily drudgery, traveling great distances, with no reassurances that they would find what they were looking for or even find answers to their questions, I am amazed. That takes dedication. That is an inspiration for me.

In caregiving, you may have some spectacular moments. Yet, in all likelihood, there will be many nights of drudgery and seeking. Often the seeking for answers may not have immediate rewards. There is no promise of a pot of gold once you go looking for answers.

Caregiving can become a daily drudgery. It can be a long journey. Many nights may only have limited hope, yet you continue on. It may get to the point where you’re doing good just putting one foot ahead of the other.

This is where the Family Caregiver Summit interview with Donna Deos is valuable. Donna is an experienced caregiver who has not only cared for her own family, but has built a business helping other caregivers. During the interview, we discussed the importance of taking care of yourself and making it through tough moments and challenges in caregiving. Things like whether caregiving is better in the home or assisted living, knowing when you’re doing too much, and balancing the holidays with caregiving. 

You will need something to keep you going from day to day. This interview can give you that encouragement you need to continue on.

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