Tips for Caregiving at Home.

Caregiving doesn’t have to burn you out and leave your broken. Image courtesy of: brutusfly

When the time for caregiving comes, you’ll face choices. One of those is whether to care for them at home or somewhere else. Although home may be financially more affordable, there are many issues needing your consideration.

A recent article by Lucy Jones in The Inscriber Magazine, entitled “Useful Tips for Caregiving At Home”  addresses some of the basics for your consideration. Among her suggestions are

1) Some Basic Modifications of Your Home

2)Make Safety the First Priority


Ubasute and Elder Care

Earlier this month, I wrote a post in response to an article by Nancy Jecker entitled “Caring for aging parents requires government support”. In that article she advocated that the federal government provide more support along with advocating a system like the one used in Japan.

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My initial response was to question the model of Japan and instead consider the model used in Costa Rica. Another recent article, in Business Insider by Chris Weller about Japanese elder care underscored the original assessment. In Japan, there is a growing trend of “Ubasute“. Ubasute is a tradition that amounts to ‘granny dumping’.


What can you do to help those in a Coma?

Coma & End-of-Life Patients

What If Your Loved One is in a Coma or at the End of Life?
Do You Feel Helpless?

What Can You Do?

You may not have considered caregiving during a coma. There are things you can do. Find out more at Image courtesy of: grantbowles3

A Lasting Gift of Life at the End…at Death

What if a loved one is terminally ill or is in their last days of life and close to death? What should we do then? What if they are “in and out” of being conscious, or what if they are totally unconscious, perhaps in a coma?


Who’s going to pay for eldercare?

In a recent article to the Seattle Times, entitled “Caring for Aging Parents requires government support” Nancy Jecker proposes that the government step in and assist with long term elder care in a major way.

Eldercare costs are a problem. Where you look for solutions does make a difference. Image courtesy of: marciapevey

She sees the problem with a growing elderly population and the massive costs associated with long term care. She also realizes that the current government programs don’t cover everything that the elderly need.


What Groucho Marx can teach you about caregiving

I hope you and your family had a happy new year. It’s often a time of reflection and remembrance. It’s also a time of celebration, enjoying old memories and looking forward to new ones. In my own personal reflecting, I often think of some of the old Groucho Marx routines. One that stays in my mind is his explanation of how the circulatory system works.

He explains how the blood rushes down from your head to your feet, takes a look at your feet and rushes back to your head. Although not medically accurate, it brings a smile to my face.


How’s your bedside manner, or do you have any?

Today is a special day for me, since it my anniversary. It was 31 years ago on a Saturday morning that my wife and I married. Life was never the same after that. From that point on, we learned many lessons about daily life, talking, facing challenges together and how to treat each other.

How’s your beside manner? Image courtesy of: Evalula

It’s a funny thing how you think you know all that you need to know, then after jumping into marriage, you realize there were many things you didn’t know. Not only is that a humbling experience, its’ also an on-going one as well. I have continued learning throughout my marriage.


The Polypharmacy Drug Scam

When it comes to eldercare, there are plenty of hot topics needing attention these days.  They include things like installing tracking devices on the elderly, who’s going to pay for eldercare, using robots for eldercare, where Alzheimer’s really comes from and debates about whether vaccines for the elderly help or hurt you.

Think taking all those medications are safe? You may need to think again. Image courtesy of: Mountain343 (mobile)

Although I’ve touched on these and other topics in the blog, there’s one issue that sends the alarm bells in my head into overdrive. That is the issue of polypharmacy among the elderly.


Drudgery and Inspiration

With it being the Christmas season, it’s a good time to draw inspiration from the Christmas story. When it comes to caregiving, I find the account of the wise men most inspiring.

balancing the holidays and caregiving can be done. Find out more in todays’s post Image courtesy of: Steve Purnell Photography

 Imagine being a shepherd keeping sheep and witnessing a supernatural event. When you and your companions share such an experience, it leaves an impression. Witnessing such a dramatic event would impact most people. I suspect they were awed by what they encountered.


Warfarin and Creativity

One of the effects of the internet are the bizarre extremes people go to in order to get attention. I’ve encountered such extremes as people who superglue their nostrils and consume strange substances. I suppose they grew tired of blending any object they could find or seeing what happens when they steam roller common items.

Image courtesy of: Peter Kaminski

Perhaps future generations will be amazed at what we do, finding it bizarre as well. Years ago, if someone would’ve told me that one day, old people would eat rat poison for health reasons, I would have said that you have ‘lost it’. The reality is that warfarin, which is a common blood thinner was at one time used as a rodentcide.


Are you ‘functionally blind’ when it comes to eldercare?

With the Holidays now upon us, chances are that you will be visiting elderly family members or they will visit you. With the Holiday visits, you have some unique opportunities for fellowship and checking up on things.

Are you unable to see the forest for the trees when it comes to dealing with the care needs of your elderly family members? Image courtesy of: gregor H

Many times you may not see the forest for the trees. You are so glad to see the elderly, you may overlook some of the signs that they need some extra help. I know from personal experiences how there is something inside where you want to think the best and may be functionally blind when it comes to seeing areas where the elderly need help.


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